The Little Magicks

If you stand at just the right angle while you look at a streetlight during the day, the sun will shine through and catch the light. The glass will glow, as if the bulb inside was burning with a blinding luminescence.

When autumn winds blow, the leaves that’ve fallen swirl down the street. Destinationless, they’re carried along an unseen path. Overhead the last few stragglers brush against each other, rattling roughly- like a static hum that pervades the air.

The smell of burning wood, well designed playing cards… there are a million little magicks in day-to-day life. In truth, the world is a dark place. The world is a scary place. Inherently, life has no meaning… yet we as humans assign it one. There is no grand cosmic purpose for us, but there are tiny moments that make the idea of a worthless life feel cozy.

Our lives may be worthless, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth living.

In times of struggle, all we can do is look for the little magicks. Sometimes, it’s all we have.

The Little Magicks.