“Frozen II” Was Perfect, Except For The Scenes Where Elsa Admits She Could Prevent Global Warming But Won’t

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Frozen II, sequel to 2013’s blockbuster hit Frozen, hit theaters yesterday to critical acclaim. Fans of the series are happy to return to Arendelle, and spend some more time with Anna, Elsa, Sven, and Olaf. Parents and kids agree the movie is fantastic, though many viewers are left scratching their heads over an… interesting scene included, where the ice queen Elsa discusses how easily she could stop global warming, but doesn’t want to.

After a jaunty musical number titled “Ice (It’s Nice!)“, the characters take a quick break to plot their next steps. Before they travel further, Elsa asks everyone to listen to her- she then begins a rant, covering a range of topics from rising sea levels to a weakened O-Zone layer.

Pausing for a moment to pour bleach on a nearby coral reef, Elsa details how she could easily reverse the effects of global warming with her icy powers, but would rather let humanity perish. When Olaf, the short white snowman (played by Josh Gad, the short white doughman), asks why she feels this way, Elsa wordlessly removes the enchantment giving him life, crumbling him back into normal snow. This segues into the film’s next musical number, “Let Them Burn“.

Things proceed fairly typically onward, until after the climax of the film, when Elsa again shares her convictions to let humans suffer the consequences of their actions. “I could do it in a snap, just like that.” Elsa explains to a group of friendly trolls. “No rising temperatures, no greenhouse gases… but they deserve retribution. I demand it.”

Voice actress for Elsa, Adele Dazeem, said the anti-human stance was inspired by her own life, drawing parallels between Elsa’s actions and her own personal experiences with arson. “Travolta, that bastard, if only he’d’ve been home while it burned…”.

Despite the radical beliefs held by some characters, Frozen II is already a fan favorite, breaking Disney’s rough history of follow-up films. See the film in theaters, and prepare to hear kids everywhere singing tunes from the movie until the day you die.

“Frozen II” Was Perfect, Except For The Scenes Where Elsa Admits She Could Prevent Global Warming But Won’t.

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