Clown Car Fender Bender Leaves 11 Dead, 16 Injured

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A light collision of two Volkswagen Beetles yesterday morning has led to the tragic demise of a local circus troupe, The Bing-Bang-Booms.

Sources report that the low-speed crash occurred in a McDonald’s drive-thru when the leading car stopped short, and the trailing Beetle failed to brake in time. The scene erupted into chaos shortly thereafter.

Tourniquets of multicolored handkerchiefs adorned the injured, as fire breathers attempted to cauterize wounds.

“It’s been an interesting day here.” said Amelia Kostnica, mortician.

The red-and-yellow painted Volkswagen Beetles were purchased by the troupe after the arrest of the cars’ previous owner, a disgraced clown himself.

The troupe has cancelled all upcoming shows, except for select appearances at the Mickley Physical Therapy Institute.

Clown Car Fender Bender Leaves 11 Dead, 16 Injured.

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