Lucky Charms Cereal Pieces Tied To Pagan Cult Symbols

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Mothers Against Lucky Charms (MALC, for short) has launched a national boycott against popular marshmallowy cereal, Lucky Charms.

The radical group was misinformed that the multishaped and cardboard flavored cereal bits had ties to a pagan cult, with the various shapes representing unholy runic symbols.

Taking time from selling pyramid scheme products to friends and coworkers on Facebook, members from MALC have been picketing the General Mills headquarters for about two weeks now. All four protesters have shown total solidarity, only purchasing the cereal during Buy One Get One sales.

Though representatives from the company deny any connection between the shapes of the bits and Satanic rituals, it’s safe to say that MALC and cereal won’t be mixing anytime soon.

Lucky Charms Cereal Pieces Tied To Pagan Cult Symbols.

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