Man Down On His Luck Sells Blood To Coven Of Vampires

During these unprecedented times, donating blood is a great way to help your community in a meaningful way. It’s also a great way to waste one of the human body’s most valuable commodities. Why give away what you could profit from? Today we’re looking into the life of Jimmy Victors and his clever solution to capitalize on even the most basic of bodily functions.

It’s a dreary day-to-day for Victors, who mans the graveyard shift at a local retail outlet. The handful of customers who come in are gone just as fast, leaving plenty of ample time to re-sweep the floor, re-restock merchandise, and re-reassure himself that what you do for work does not define you. He struggles with the last one more than any. It’s not a busy job, just a boring one. Rather than spending each day getting older and deeper in debt, something needs to change.

If he made a little extra cash he could start putting away to move to New York City like he wants to. Things will surely be different there! A minimum wage, minimum work job isn’t getting him there though, so Jimmy did the smart thing and looked for ways to earn closer to his fair share.

“That’s when my buddy, or uh, this guy I know, Seth, put me in contact with some friends of his,” Victors explained, rubbing his neck. “I walked away with a hundred bucks that same night. They didn’t even ask if I was gay or had tattoos.”

Isn’t it inspiring what people can do when driven by the crushing burden of capitalism? Rather than try to fix a broken system, simply say “more weight!” and force yourself to work even harder. The grind never stops! Ever! Work until you die and bury yourself with a smile glued on your face- just like your boss would want.

Man Down On His Luck Sells Blood To Coven Of Vampires.

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