Our House, In The Middle Of Our Street, Burglarized

It’s just madness.

No officer, I’m not in shock. I can give a report.

We got back around four. We got out of the car and the door was open, but mother was so tired I don’t think she even noticed. When we were inside we saw two men in the living room, holding our sofa. My sister screamed and ran outside to call for help, and the guys ran out the back door. We didn’t see them again after that.

They didn’t get much, no. The TV is gone, and some fancy plates we aren’t allowed to use, but that’s about it. I think they would’ve been able to get the sofa quicker if the ironing board wasn’t in the way.

My brother will be back from his date in a few hours, do you want to talk to him? No, I know the address. 1983 Primrose Hill. We had to memorize them in school. Okay, I’ll be safe. Thank you for coming by.

Our House, In The Middle Of Our Street, Burglarized.

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Special thanks to Déjà Jade and The Dodson Family.