ANTIFA Designated Terrorists, PROFA Elected To National Office

What the FUCK does being anti-anti-fascist mean besides being fascist?

ANTIFA isn’t an organization with member IDs, matching jackets, and casual Fridays. ANTIFA is not an organization. There is no central leadership with Zoom meetings to plot riots. Why, anyone could be in ANTIFA! More importantly, anyone could be charged for being in ANTIFA, obviously plotting terror strikes.

One might say that anyone who enjoys basic freedom would naturally be anti-fascist… but you would be shocked. The boots they lick must be delicious. It’s amazing that some people would so actively fight against equality in basic human rights.

…oh, and I don’t mean to imply PROFA is a group that is for fascism, the “PRO” refers to the quality of their work. They are nothing less than professional fascists. They’ve been doing such a great job for so long now.

ANTIFA Designated Terrorists, PROFA Elected To National Office.

Viva la revolution, bitches!

Special thanks to Déjà Jade and The Dodson Family.