Binging With Babish Premieres Weight-Loss Themed Aftershow, Purging With Babish

Andrew Rea, the personality behind popular YouTube cooking show Binging With Babish, is known for recreating meals seen in movies, TV, cartoons, and more. While Binging With Babish is incredibly successful in of itself, there are a variety of spin-offs dealing with different topics. Some of these include:

  • Basics With Babish – teaching Gen Z what an immersion blender is
  • Being With Babish – behind-the-scenes life outside of YouTube (available on YouTube)
  • Blazing With Babish – it’s medicinal, pinky swear!
  • Badminton With Babish – never lose a doubles set again
  • BA With Babish – sure, your English degree was worth it
  • Battlegrounds With Babish – military strategy for the modern age
  • Brontosauruses With Babish – Jurassic World sponsored content (#ad)

In an ever growing effort to increase watch time and appease the algorithms running YouTube, Rea has introduced an aftershow titled Purging With Babish, about the usefulness of compulsive vomiting in weight loss. Dieting might work for the average person, but the average person doesn’t often eat 15-layer tacos or a Hobbit’s entire breakfast in their day-to-day life. Two fingers down the gullet and presto! Viewers will be able to see just how each fantastical meal looks post-consumption.

A test audience of experienced upchuckers have weighed in with high remarks, and the Squarespace sponsored series is expected to launch soon.

Binging With Babish Premieres Weight-Loss Themed Aftershow, Purging With Babish.

Why wouldn’t they just call it Bulimia With Babish? If you’re a psychologist or foodie Youtuber who might know the answer to that, follow @JeffShutUp on Twitter.