Ex-Con Turns Life Around After Landing On Free Parking

Lizzie Darrow was arrested two turns ago on the charge of rolling three doubles in a row. During her time in prison, she worked to better herself, and after successfully throwing doubles again on her third throw, she has evaded the $50 fine and left prison.

“You feel like you’re going to be in there forever,” Darrow said. “The world passes by, without ever letting you collect your two hundred dollars.”

With a roll of two fives, Darrow landed herself on the Free Parking space- luckily for the former inmate, house rules dictate that she receive all the money in the pot. A sum total of $340 was granted, accumulated from various taxes levied throughout the board.

“It changed everything. I wasn’t hopping from place to place, losing all my money on rent in overpriced areas anymore. I had capital to build my own hotel right on Atlantic Avenue.”

With nightly fares clocking in at $1150 after tax, the Atlantic Ave Hotel is sure to provide for Darrow long into the future. Plans for expansion with locations in Ventnor and Marvin Gardens have been discussed, though both spaces are currently under the ownership of hardcore business magnate, the Thimble.

Ex-Con Turns Life Around After Landing On Free Parking.

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