HEARTWARMING: Alt-Right Scum Successfully Has Head Removed From Ass, No Longer A Nazi

Brandon Dickinson, 26, underwent experimental treatment to try and remove his cranium from the depths of his anal cavity. The process involved openness to new perspectives and practicing tolerance, both entirely foreign concepts to most Republicans, who already are wary of anything foreign.

“It was like seeing light for the first time.”

B. Dickinson, former Nazi scum

The cognitive dissonance displayed by Dickinson and his fellow cultists had always shocked rational folk, and though he feels deep shame for perpetuating and abusing a broken system for so long, he recognizes that all he can do now is commit himself to being fair and accepting.

The process to cure dictator worship was developed by a team of nurses at St. James Infirmary, many of whom specialize in pediatric care. With applicable knowledge of dealing with those prone to temper tantrums and low emotional intelligence, the team had little issue in adapting techniques for treatment of pathetic fools like the alt-right.

Brandon deactivated his Parler account and looks forward to ratioing Fascist ghouls on Twitter from now on.