Republican Candidate Loses Full Ride Scholarship To Electoral College

Despite legions of would-be fascist rats eager to be ruled over, decency has won today. This is an unfortunate loss for the rats, who will now divide and flock to whoever will have them next. They must be united again an enemy, real or fake, or they begin to eat themselves alive. Anger and shame will carry them until they die on the street, washed into the gutter and torn apart by crows, like any fascist deserves.

Biden was not the best choice for serious change, but there is opportunity for progress where there wasn’t before. Putting out the fire was more important before renovating the living room.

To the rats, the scum that hides in alleys and rafters and holes between walls, you may try again next time, but you will not sustain. Despite your slogans it’s clear you are so desperate to be tread on, but you will not hold out. The world is a dark, terrible place, but today there is a pinhole of light to focus on, and that is enough.

Republican Candidate Loses Full Ride Scholarship To Electoral College.

No Trump, no KKK, no Fascist USA.