Justice At Spotify: Demanding A Cent Per Stream For Artists

“Spotify is the most dominant platform on the music streaming market. The company behind the streaming platform continues to accrue value, yet music workers everywhere see little more than pennies in compensation for the work they make.”


Spotify has a long history of failing to pay artists a livable wage, with the average stream paying between $.003 and $.005. At less than a penny per stream, making a living off music in the digital age is nearly impossible. The Union of Musicians and Allied Workers (UMAW) aims to increase this payment to $.01 per stream through the Justice At Spotify movement. This would help artists afford to survive while continuing to create.

Take the goth-folk duo Charming Disaster for instance. They average about 45,000 streams a month on Spotify, but only see around $150 in payouts.

“So Spotify income, even though it reflects our widest audience compared to other platforms, contributes only a tiny amount to our ability to keep writing, recording and releasing new music.

“Without the music we make, Spotify wouldn’t have a service to offer. It only seems right that Spotify should pay the musicians who create the content it provides enough to help sustain that creation.”

Charming Disaster

Artists across genres agree that more money would benefit them significantly. Up and coming funk musician Citrus Mistress just released “Care2Sin” on multiple platforms, Spotify among them.

“I did just start putting music out. So extra income, even a penny per stream, would be pretty nice. Considering the time that goes in to making music.”

Citrus Mistress

With over 27,000 signatures on their petition and counting, the UMAW now plans to take the fight directly to Spotify. On March 15th the group and supporters will protest in person at Spotify headquarters around the globe.

It’s time to join this growing community of artists and those who stand with them. The first step is signing the petition and showing our strength in numbers. If you want to show your support in person, you can join a demonstration by clicking the link here.

Fight for the artists you love. Support them in the endless pursuit of creation and support a better, brighter world that cares for those who aim to make it a prettier place. See you there.

Justice At Spotify: Demanding A Penny Per Stream For Artists.