Charming Disaster Debuts “Ouroboros”, A Story Of Metamorphosis

What does it mean to be reborn? You remain the same collection of muscles and tissue you identify as yourself, yet everything can change. If you go seeking answers within yourself, are you prepared for what you may find- will you be surprised or might you have always known what lies beneath your outer layers?

Will it change you forever, or just until the next time you shed your skin?

Charming Disaster has composed another masterful work, exploring these themes in Ouroboros, a haunting song that takes its namesake from a mythical snake forever swallowing its own tail. With lyricism as beautiful as ever, this song is a solid addition to the duo’s ever-growing discography. Stream it now on all digital platforms, or wait until you sleep and let it come to you supernaturally while you slumber.

Charming Disaster Debuts “Ouroboros”, A Story Of Metaphorphosis.

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