Charming Disaster Presents: OUR LADY OF RADIUM

They’re back and glowing with excitement (and severe radium poisoning). Charming Disaster just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their next album, Our Lady of Radium.

What can we expect from the album? The piece will center around Marie Curie, history’s favorite irradiated scientist- there’s more than that within the nine songs though.

“Duels! Alchemy! Dwarves! Romance! Egyptian mythology! Radioactive decay chains! There’s a little something for everyone.”

Charming Disaster

If you haven’t tuned in to their weekly livestreams, read about their support in the Justice At Spotify campaign, or seen them in your mirror at night, this will be a terrific introduction to them.

There’s no more to tell, so throw your dimes in their wishing well.

Charming Disaster Presents: Our Lady of Radium.