Yellow Square From Adventure Joins Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster

The final DLC character in Fighter’s Pass 2 has been revealed this morning. Smash Bros now welcomes the Yellow Square from hit 1979 video game Adventure. Debuting on the Atari 2600 and brought back into public consciousness by the world’s least ambitious crossover event, Ready Player One, fans across the world can now play as this gaming icon.

While some players see this final character as an odd choice, Masahiro Sakurai has always been known to go for more unique options- though the character’s move set leaves a lot to be wanted. Though the hero uses a sword, they don’t have any animations showing this… leaving those against more anime swordies both confused and mad, again.

In battle, the Yellow Square must bump into opponents with it’s …sword? Are we sure that’s a sword? It’s just an arrow. God, who designed this? The creator’s name isn’t on the box so there’s no way to find it.

The Yellow Square debuts today, and is available for $5.99 if the Fighter’s Pass was not purchased.

The final batch of Mii Costumes were revealed as well, included other video game superstars like:

  • The Yeti from SkiFree
  • ET from ET the Extra Terrestrial
  • Your Uncle who works at Nintendo
  • My Uncle who works at Nintendo
  • Everybody’s Uncle who works at Nintendo
  • Sue from Pac-Man Jr.
  • Geno from Super Mario RPG again, because fuck you

Yellow Square From Adventure Joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster.