LAPD Action Figure Features Baton Accessory, Battery Included

Hey kids, if you like the taste of boots then you’ll love the newest line of law enforcement action figures! Each officer is outfitted with riot gear, tear gas, and rubber bullets so you can teach those peacefully protesting violent thugs a lesson and violate the Geneva Conventions while you do it.

Remember, ACAB! All Cops Are Bendable, complete with fully articulated kneeling action. Suspect that your Lando Calrissian figure might be reaching for a blaster? The quick draw action on these bad boys will ensure you can shoot first, second, third, fourth, and fifth directly into the back of any unarmed but potentially dangerous looking toy.

Fully removable body camera and easily obscured badge numbers make for untraceable acts of justice. Action figures, like real police, don’t need to follow the law! Drones and spyware sold separately.

Not recommended to be paired with Storm, Jax, Mr. T, or Luke Cage figures.

LAPD Action Figure Features Baton Accessory, Battery Included.

All cops are bastards. Black lives matter. The murder of an innocent man matters far more than property damage caused by rioting or looting.

Donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund if you can.