In Hindsight, Stuffing The Turkey With Bees Wasn’t The Best Idea

Honey glazed ham is delicious, I thought this would be even better… even beetter, if you will.

I was wrong, and I’m not ashamed to admit that, but this “holier than thou” thing you have going on is really getting annoying. Like you haven’t made the same mistake? Nowhere in the instructions does it warn against using live bees, and-

What do you mean, where did I get live bees? Does it matter?

Anyway, I just thought that they’d fill the turkey with honey and fly off once we cut into it. I obviously didn’t account for them getting so mad. Isn’t turkey supposed to make you sleepy? Why didn’t that apply to them?

Really, we should be thankful that grandma had her EpiPen. Oh, stop glaring and pass the broom. I guess I have to be the one… bee the one, I should say, to sweep up their corpses. Isn’t that just swell. You try to make a nice meal, and no one shows any appreciation.

I had a delightful blueberry and wasp cobbler planned for next year, but you guys are on your own. God, this family is a trainwreck.